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A common New Year’s resolution for many is to be in better shape. One local gym is hoping to inspire people to think fitness in the New Year.

10-year-old Tyler Wentworth of Spencerport is beginning the New Year at the Fitness Warehouse in Hilton for a workout session.

“It helps get you better in certain ways. You can do agility, get faster, and then lift weights to get stronger. It just helps you a better athlete,” said Wentworth…

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Our latest addition

Jay Caruso has been in the fitness industry for the last 30 years as a gym owner, strength coach, and personal trainer. He has trained all walks of lives from Hollywood stars, professional athletes, to housewives. His motto is “dreams are just dreams until you put a goal to them.”

He is a certified Personal Trainer specializing in Weight Loss, Lean Muscle Gain, corrective exercise, Intense Core Training, as well as toning and definition training. His objective is no matter what body type or goal, he will guide and teach you how to get to a state where you feel most comfortable and confident, whether it‘s fitting into clothes, training for an event or just feeling better about yourself. He will want to show you the way, so you know what’s best and safest for YOUR body. Through hard work, discipline, and the right guidance, the body you are looking for can be achieved and he will be right here helping you along the way.

Jay Caruso

Cory Lesher

My name is Cory Lesher, I am 47 years old. I have been married for 23 years, and have 3 teenage children. I am a Resident of Hilton. I have spent the last 32 years exercising and working in nutrition. I am licensed inNew York as a Physician Assistant in medicine with 18 years experience. Over the years I have been interested in helping improve patients health and I am focused on preventative medicine through exercise and nutrition. After requiring two separate lumbar fusions and totally rehabilitating myself back to health I made a decision to become a personal trainer and became a ACE certified trainer. My focus is in functional training, health and wellness, bodybuilding, and performance training.

James Napoleon

My name Is James Napoleon, I have been actively training in the fitness realm since 2014 and have been NCSF certified for 6 years. My focus for my clients is to spark an interest in exercise by exploring the many different training strategies and tools for maintaining optimal health, both mentally and physically. I am always staying up to date in the field and am persistent on implementing different strategies to achieve my client’s personal goals. I specialize in resistance training with compound movements and bodyweight exercises, along with circuit training and HIIT. I enjoy practicing different workout techniques and pushing my clients past what they think is possible. Most importantly, we don’t take things too seriously. If you can learn to be disciplined and have a positive mindset that’s open to growth, than the results will speak for themselves!

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